Trask Bro Bars and Bro Bar 2’s


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You will set yourself apart with these handlebars. Made of DOM Tubing, these tig welded bars are dimpled and pre drilled for internal wiring. Trask’s Bro Bars come in 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″ heights (Custom Order Only) at a 1.25″ diameter.
Bro Bar 2’s fit Streetglides with a bend towards the bottom to clear the fairing and put the bars forward more.

Bro Bars fit roadglides and Roadkings.

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Bro Bars Chrome 12”, Bro Bars Chrome 14”, Bro Bars Chrome 16”, Bro Bars Black 12”, Bro Bars Black 14″, Bro Bars Black 16″, Bro Bar 2s Chrome 12″, Bro Bar 2s Chrome 14″, Bro Bar 2s Chrome 16″, Bro Bar 2s Black 12″, Bro Bar 2s Black 14″, Bro Bar 2s Black 16″


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