TOL Designs Reflex Bags and Rear Fender


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TOL Designs Reflex Bags and Rear Fender

TOL Designs has been producing some of the highest quality bagger parts to help lead the industry to where it is today. Our Reflex Bags are a newer addition to our arsenal of killer products. These bags have a 8 inch down stretch, with a 9 inch back stretch. The rear corners of these bags are cut at a 45 degree angle to ensure a smooth ride whichever road you choose. We offer three variations of fenders to match these bags, please choose your correct year and style when adding to your bag.

Fits 2013 and Down

**All bags come predrilled and ready for install

**All bags are made to utilize OEM hardware and lids

**All bags and fenders are in primer, ready for paint

**We suggest mock up of parts prior to going to paint


2009 to 2013, 1997 to 2008


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