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When Paul decided to create the ultimate 30″ wheel build, he knew there were complicated issues to be addressed. Paul and other builders, such as Brian from Hatred Cycles, considered the challenges associated with 30″ builds and discussed the solutions required to market the best big wheel kit.

First up, raise the neck as little as possible, yet create enough room for 4″ of fender travel. Paul shortened the steering head 2″, which allowed a 30″ wheel to occupy the same space as a 26″ wheel. Then, he increased the steering head diameter to accept new bearings with a side-load rating double that of standard Timken’s. This assured the increased load from the new rake angle would not diminish the integrity of the steering head bearings.

Paul’s next task was to keep all OEM fairing mount points consistent, allowing all stock parts to be re-installed. Paul then designed an arched lower triple tree to take advantage of the clearance created by shortening the steering head. Paul had previously collaborated with Mark at HHI. They discussed the engineering and Mark took Paul’s arched tree concept and created our new Arched 12* Tree Kit for 30″ wheels.

Lastly, Paul compiled what was needed in a 30″ wheel rake “kit” for our Bagger Nation customers. After much R&D and test riding, Paul presents the Bagger Nation Rake UR Neck Kit for 30″ Wheels. Our complete Kit looks great, handles properly, and maintains the perfect rake and trail you desire in a 30″ wheel Bagger!

The Bagger Nation Rake UR Neck Kit for 30″ Wheels includes: (1) -2″ 12* rake steering head, (1) new frame skin, (1) new fork lock plate, (1) new neck/ head assembly. Detailed installation instructions. Our Kit is a weld-in application and requires the removal of the OEM steering head. Applicable to model year 2009-2013

If a 30″ wheel build is the Bagger look and style you crave, Bagger Nation has created the single most comprehensive, all-inclusive, precisely engineered, great riding 30″ wheek kit on the market! The Bagger Nation Rake UR Neck Kit is the industry standard, and gives your Bagger the perfect geometry and hi-quality engineering you expect from Paul Yaffe.


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