SuperTrapp® SE Pipes


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SuperTrapp® makes the best performing mufflers in the industry. Now they’ve teamed up with Bagger Nation to develop a great looking, great performing muffler system for all HD baggers 1986 through 2013. The standard SE mufflers and baffles have a deep rumble sound and offer improved throttle response and horsepower throughout the RPM range. You can also choose to have us replace the standard baffles with our exclusive high output Mikuni cores which are perfect for modified engines or for those who really want to make some noise! Now for the really cool part… Bagger nation has designed a selection of designer exhaust tips so you can choose a style that really suits the desired look for you bike! Choose from a selection of classic designs or one of Paul’s radical sets like the popular “Yafterburners” or the new “Holy Molys” as well as the “Claws” or “Big Poppas”. Either way you can’t buy a better performance muffler than SuperTrapp® and with our huge selection of tips you can make them your own!

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