Speed by Design – New Loud Daddy Speaker Lids


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Product Description

NEW Loud Daddy Speaker Lids | Fits 2014 to Current models.
Fits 7.7 inch speakers
Accommodates Harley Davidson new hinge and latch set up.
*Important* – Speakers not included, but you can order complete with JL Audio 7.7
Manufactured by process of Urethane Injection.

Note Must Read
These do not fit any speakers larger than 7.7″. Before you buy any companies 8.8 speaker lids ask people how they fit and if the latches work. Also be sure to ask how long it will take to get a pair. If you are a member of Chopped Baggers Forum this would be a good place to ask about quality of products.

Package Price w/ JL Audio
$868.00 a pair Shipping not included.
Complete with JL Audio 7.7 (M770-CCX-SG-TB) and SBD Loud Dadddy Lids
Part Number: SBD-LDL-JL77

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