Speed by Design Copy Cat Killer Lids


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Speed By Design’s new Copy Cat Killer Lids originated from our original Crazy 8 Lids. We have removed the fin and added the option of running a horn. The new lid is designed to utilize the Hertz ST 35 horn. However, if you would like to run the ST 25 it will fit as well!

Quality and finish! Just know that we have made lids like these before. Our tooling and manufacturing process remains the same. The new lids will fit and function 100% properly and have the same quality and finish you can always expect from Speed By Design.

The Copy Cat Killer Lids with 8 inch Hertz SV 200.1 Speakers and ST 35 or ST 25 horn… Will be the best sounding lids on the market.

Fits 1997 TO 2013 Models
*Important* – Grills, Speakers, and tweeters not included, but you can order with your choice of speakers.
Manufactured by process of Urethane Injection.

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