Speed By Design Mack Daddy Rear End


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Speed By Design Mack Daddy Rear End

The Mack Daddy Rear end is super clean smooth and swoopy. The bags are 14 1/2 inches further back and 6 inches lower than stock bags and have added steer ability over 8 inch bags. You won’t find a longer, better looking set of bags on the market. The Mack Daddy Rear End consists of bags, fender, urethane license plate bezel with blind hardware, and under fender mount. The license plate bezel has seamless contours so that it sits flush with the rear fender and carries the detail lines through it. Customers have the option to purchase an inside strut or over strut fender along with there bags.


2009 to 2013, 1997 to 2008, 2014 to Current

Seat Pan

None, Seat Pan

Cat Eye Led W/ Plate

None, Cat Eye Led W/ Plate

Rear Fender

Over Strut Fender, Inside Strut Fender


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