Speed By Design Long Baller Rear End


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Speed By Design Long Baller Rear End

The bags are 6 inches lower than stock bags and have great steer ability over 8 inch bags. You won’t find a longer, better looking set of bags on the market. Speed By Design uses nothing but the highest quality products throughout our whole design and build process. We use high grade vinyl ester resin which equals less shrinking and longer cure times but much straighter parts. Not only that, the higher quality materials provides greater longevity in the life of the part. Fact is we spend much more time tooling them and spend more money building them. So it saves you time and labor on your build. You will be truly amazed at the quality of finish, the straightness, and the perfection of the body lines. Get your Long Baller Rear End today!


2009 to Current, 1997 to 2008

Seat Pan

None, Seat Pan

Cat Eye Led W/ Plate

None, Cat Eye Led W/ Plate

Rear Fender

Over Strut Fender, Inside Strut Fender


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