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SMT Machining now offers a rake kit for 2009 or newer bagger/ touring model FL frames. This kit provides all the correct geometry for installing a 30 inch wheel. This kit is the latest and greatest in the big wheel bagger craze. Allowing you to compete with the big boys with half the amount of work and with excellent handling.
Kit includes:
12 degree triple trees with all hardware, bearings, and fork tube extenders.
9 degree weld-on special neck extension.
Factory frame rake is 26 degrees and the standard triple tree rake is 4 degree for total of 30 degrees rake. With our kit your total rake will be 47 degrees rake.
This kit will provide the perfect rake and trail for your bike so that the bike will not wobble at high or slow speeds. Offering you a smooth handling ride.
Designed to have full suspension travel without having to over extend your fork tubes. This custom offset kit will allow you to air down your air ride (if using air ride) with out crushing your fender.
Frame will be level and proportional to the bike.
Rake kit includes weld-on special designed neck extension that lifts the bottom tree 3 inches higher to remove the need of extending the frame down tubes and preventing you from cutting the backbone.
This neck kit is extended 1.5 inches forward and 1 inch up.
This rake kit is compatible with air ride*(not provided).
*For air ride need to modify front fairing.
*Trees and neck are only sold as a kit. Trees or neck piece are not compatible with any other configuration.
Finish is polished and the neck piece is raw steel.


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