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DIRTY BIRD – Tail Dragger Ass End 10″ 2009 To Present



Product Description

DIRTY BIRD – Tail Dragger Ass End 10″ 2009 To Present

John Shope brings you the new and radical Tail Dragger Ass End. This extreme saddlebag and rear fender combo measures at 10″ down and 13″ back. The sleek 3D design features a stepped, roll in look and gives a aggressive dimension look to your bagger. Hand laid and made fiberglass so its super strong and super stiff. All your stock factory Harley Davidson hardware and lids will transfer over. Don’t forget to pick up your LED license plate frame designed specifically for this rear fender. Level 2 Installation. See below for more details. Other parts we recommend with this kit are LED tail lights, bag lids, bag liners, tether straps, and side filler panels.

Sold as a combo set only, including a set of saddlebags and rear fender.
Hand laid fiberglass.
Tapered angled bags for a larger turning radius.
We recommend the use of a center stand with this bag and fender kit.
Made in USA.



Baggers Inc. and its partners assume no responsibility for the misuse of any product that we manufacture or represent. You and only you can determine the suitability of any product that you choose. By purchasing the Tail Dragger Ass End you assume all risks and liabilities involved with your choice of modifying your motorcycle and agree to hold harmless Baggers Inc., partners, and it’s employees, officers or affiliates from any injury or incidents that may occur to you, your passengers, your vehicle or anyone that may be involved with any situation that may arise as a result of modifying your motorcycle.

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