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HHI now offers a weld-on replacement neck section for Bagger/ touring model FL frames. This piece provides correct frame geometry for installing a 23″, 26″, or 30″ wheel when installed with our FL raked triple trees. Trees are available in machine or black anodized finish. We provide this as a kit with our trees and correct extensions / inserts for the applications listed in the options belowBuilders Kit Features

• Mounting holes are present in our neck kit for the mounting bolts to attach the Fairing bracket on Roadglide models.

• The frame neck rake kit weld on piece adds 9 degrees on the 26″ and 30″ kit, 7 degrees on the 23″ kit.

(Factory Frame Rake= 26 degrees)
• Factory Triple Tree rake is 4 degrees. Our trees are a 12 degrees over stock for the 30″ kit, 9 degrees over stock for the 26″ kit and, 7 degrees over stock on the 23″ kit for a total of 7 degrees.

• This kit can be installed with the motor in the frame (well protected during welding & painting of course). However, it doesn’t take much more to pull the motor allowing a full color match paint job on the frame.

• Using our kit the neck is extended 1.5” forward and 1” up on both the 30″ and 26″ kit. (The 23″ kit extends 1″ forward and 1″ up.)

• The total resultant rake using our neck rake builders kit is 40 degrees for a 23″ wheel, 44 degrees for a 26″ wheel, and 47 degrees for a 30″ wheel.

• The resultant trail will provide proper handling at both low and hi speed.

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