Stampede Series – Time Saver Air Ride and Accessory Controller


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Indian – Stampede Series Time Saver Air Ride And Accessory Controller

Indian Motorcycle Air Ride Controller

Our legit Time Saver air ride and accessory controller for your motorcycle and or car, truck get the job done fast. This single unit can run your entire air system or up to 5 accessories. Takes the headaches out of running power to every switch you have. Remember this unit controls everything with only one wire going to your battery instead of 10. Using with air ride suspension, this system is designed to turn on automatically with your bike and run an entire system with air tanks, compressors, and pressure switches. Once plugged in, the module will allow you to turn your system on and off at the push of a button. This unit will also allow you to control your pressure switch and ensure you have adequate air pressure at all times. Once your system has achieved pressure, it will automatically shut off and there is no work required. Just push your switches to set your ride height and you are ready to go. Use with any air ride, safely and easily. Level 2 Installation. See below for more details.

Step by step directions included.
Install in minutes rather than days.
Two modules are required for four wheel air ride applications.
Made in USA.


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