Ballistic BC Relaxer Handlebars 2013 And Down


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BC Relaxer Handlebars 2013 And Down

Ballistic Relaxer Handlebars give your Road Glide a nice drag style look with a comfortable feel. Drilled for OEM controls and notched for throttle by wire. Measurements: 35.5″ wide, 6.5″ rise and 9″ pull back( for up to 26″ wheel size) or 35.5″ wide 4.5″ rise and 9″ pull back (for 26″-32″ wheel size). Made in USA. Chrome finish, also available in Black powder. These bars will work with all standard Harley & aftermarket controls, levers, grips, mirrors, etc.
**Fits all models with 3 1/2″ center riser 2014 & Older, with the exception of Street Glides.
**Perfect for Stock Applications to access the RG Glove boxes**

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Tall 6.5, Low 4.5


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