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Bagger Nation 2-2 Header

We all want to scrap our stock cat-corked head pipes! They are heavy, hot as hell and let’s not even talk about horsepower… or lack thereof! Well, check out our NEW Bagger Nation 2-2 True Dual replacement header!

Each 2-2 Header system features a hidden inter-connect for maximum top end horsepower, and it attaches to your stock pipe with no loss of clearance. This header will balance flow and sound, and features 220* full coverage individual heat shields for an awesome appearance!

Our header is available in two model versions: 2009-2016 or 1993-2008. Your choice of beautifully chromed or black ceramic, and both 18mm and 12mm 02 sensor bungs are included!

All mounting hardware, new exhaust gaskets, and install instructions are provided.

Pair this 2-2 Header with our NEW Monsta 45 Racing Exhaust and get ready to hang on! Your ride will not only look fantastic… it will realize significant horsepower gains as well!

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