Azzkikr – Gorilla Bar – Road Glide and Road King


***When choosing your bar tip please select NONE on all other tips***

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Do you want that tall ape hanger bar but you want to have your hands at a legal height .Well here is the solution Azzkikr DLUX GORILLA APE These are the hottest bars on the market and they have been designed to save time and effort .While most radical shaped internal wired bars take up to an hour to run wire these take only 5 minutes …NOW THATS A TIME/MONEY SAVER,AND THATS WHY WE NICKNAMED THEM “FREE BARS ” …….(lol although we aren’t giving them away for free they will free up a lot of your time ) The bars are designed with a radical rise and then smoothly kick down to keep your knuckles at your shoulders to keep you legal . Because the wires come through the bottom and out of the top they can be manipulated through the tight bends with ease and with no chance of damage or kinking .You can run our smooth caps or our drilled bar tips for a cool look all your own .(screw on lower and top caps included in price ,please specify what style and color tips you would like in the options below ) We recommend that you color co-ordinate the bars to your paint finish but you can always go for classic black or shiny chrome available with our drilled tops ,or smoothy rounded tops


10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch


Raw, Chrome, Black


1986 to 2014, 2015 to Current


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