American Suspension – Weld On Slip Fit


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The new American Suspension Weld in Slip Fit Short Neck Kit lets you put a 30” wheel on your Bagger and keep the long low look. This fits all 2009-2014 Harley Davidson Touring Models.


The complete kit utilizes the same American Suspension geometry you have come to know and trust for precise handling.

The 4-1/4 long neck allows clearance for 4 inches of suspension travel on a 30 inch wheel while only raising the neck an 1-3/4 up.

The steering geometry works perfect and the true trail is nearly identical to stock.

The SN73 uses oversize bearings and stem to retain strength.

The SN73 is machined from a solid block of steel using a sophisticated new manufacturing capability.

The one piece billet steel look makes the SN73 look like it would be right at home on an F-15.

The SN73 not only looks great, but eliminates all the manufacturing errors inherit in complex weldments. This is done to insure your project bike will handle great due to perfect steering geometry.

The SN73 is not just pretty, its built solid from start to finish.

Neck Kits

26" Kit 1998-2008, 26" Kit 2009-2013, 26" Kit 2014, 30" Kit 1998-2008, 30" Kit 2009-2013, 30" Kit 2014


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